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skin care
body massage
3 Minute Brightening SPA
W52B Ion White Touch (Body)
This watery cream-gel replenishes the moisture to the skin during massage. it leaves the skin translucent, smooth and resilience. Contains: SMK Ions, L-VC and Moisture Simulator, using "Kinetic Release Technology" to achieves massage benefits while stimulates skin metabolism to create a clear complexion. Smooth 3-5 gm of cream over face using gentle spiral motions for 1 minutes, add water to massage 1 more minute, rinse with water.
Flaunt a body that's as flawless as your face
B71A Whitening Body Wash
Contains oxygenating aromas, combines cleaning and cell renewing effects. Removes skin impurities, while it increases the supply of oxygen to the skin. Provide a refreshing and invigorating feeling. Using daily to maintain body whiteness and smoothness. Smooth gently on wet body and massage, rinse well. High-rinsibilty. Fragrance-free. External use.
body wash
body lotion
Use daily to get your old body back
B72A Whitening Body Comfix
This non greasy, Milkly-essence making entire body look more silky and white day after day. You Will soon become addicted to this special whitening care. Thanks to BIOWHITE®, V-C, Silk Extract and Squalene to improve cellular cohesion and to reduce localized hyperpigmentation. Use as a day Protector on exposed areas. For optimal effectiveness, generously massage all over body after shower or use as body mask for 10 mins. [SPF 15, PA++]
Instantly lifts and smoothes your "trouble spots"
B73A Herbal Tone Treatment
SIZE: 500mlx3pcs / 500mlx2pcs / 170mlx2pcs
An effective slimming and beautifying treatment. Triple actions:
1. Beautify the skin - leave skin an extra-fresh and silky feelings. Reduce visual signs of scarring, Stretch-marks and blemishes.
2. Slendertone, firms and up-lifting - smoothen cellulite,lift-up and decreases your sizes.
3. Toxin-cleansing - the special herbs dissipate the toxins into the body system and are cleansed from the body by drinking water after use.
Step 1. WASH with lotion A - Body Cleanser ~ A mild nature,non-drying body shampoo,use daily to clean out the pores to allow the serum to penetrate.Do not use any soap during the treatment's period.
Step 2. MASSAGE with lotion B - Herbal Tone Serum ~ An organic slimming-gel.After warming your body under a hot shower,towel dry.Massage "Warm" herbal-tone serum over your entire body immediately while the body is still warm.Keep warm with gament.(For the best results:put on plastic-suit/plastic wrap)
Step 3. DETOXIFY - Drink about 2 liters of water ~ Whitin 24 hours after the treatment.he water will flush the toxins from the lymph system so the bulky toxins are removed from the body.
Expected Results: At 7-10 days the feeling of the skin will be much softer.At 20-30 days the cellulite will begin to have a visual difference.Soft fat areas should show a measurable loss in size after 3-4 treatments.