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skin care
cleansing mask
Packed with deep purifying actives
P61A Vegetable Mud
An oxygenating spa's treatment for face-deeply purify,clears excess oil & unclog pores. leaves the skin energefic and fresh. Formulated with a variety of amino acids and vitamins, Kyushu's black sand,Organic vegetable extracts of mushroom, tomato, spincah,carrot, olive leaf.aloe vera. Apply weekly over cleansed skin for 5-10 mins ( avoid eye area) remove with water and sponge.
Better than a facial, skin visibly younger in 7 minutes
P62S Beautifying Gelee
300g / 100g / 50g
Newly patented vinotherapie-mask: instantly rehydrate, soothe and lift the contour. Tightens pores and reduces facial puffiness. Effectively reduces fine lines and free radical build-up to 85%; leaves the skin younger looking, brighter and heathiest. Contains Sha's MHS moisture effector, polyhenols, vinolevure, green tea, wine yeast, Q10, grapeseed, scutellaria root, hop, pine, horsetail, licorice. Apply over skin for 5-10mins, rinse with water.
water mask
whitening mask
Really a miracle mask !
P64S Ion-White Silk Pack
300g / 100g / 50g
Patented Night-repair-mask. Formulated to clarify, moisture and lighten the skin. You will be amazed at how skilly-smooth your skin feels in next morning! Apply thickly to the skin at night ( about 5 gm ) for 5-15 mins. Covering with plastic wrap to prevent drying( if needed ).Rinse with water only.( Due to its electic effects; SMK will ionizes ( + ) on the skin like a magnet, distinct sensation may occurs, which is desirable)
Looks 5 years younger !
P65S Amazing Mask (new)
300g / 100g / 50g
This amazing mask nourishes and firms fragile skin instantly, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, invokes a soft velvety skin with glow ! Using specific bioinformation technologies, these patterns are permanently imprinted onto natural ingredients. The skin is ideally suited to enable such revitalizing impulses to unfold their far-reaching restorative power. Formulated with rare ores from Japan, precious herbs, marine enzymes, astaxanthin, black sugar, PGA and deconstructed deep sea water. Apply on skin for 7-15 mins, rinse off / tissue off / keep overnight.
lip mask
Instantly beautify your lips
P66A Lip Mask Concentrate
A remarkable moisture treatment for lips - remove dead cells and give moisture instantly. Helps to maintain its shape and colors. Thanks to Dr.Sha's own Mucopoly Saccharides Agent, Grape Seed Extracts, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Collagen. Fruit Oil,Vitamins. Use 1-3 times per week. Apply on throughly cleansed lips. Leave for 10 mins, rinse off with water. External use.