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eye toner
Make up for lost night
T14A Soothing Eye Lotion
Outstanding for preventing dark circles under eyes. Superior calming and relaxing properties. Soothes cools and relieves tired, puffy eyes. Leaving it a fresh and comfort feelings. Saturate cotton pad, place over eye area for 30 seconds. Follow with appropriate products. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy. For external use only.
"Crease Police" for lip + eye
E23S Time Solution
This nourishing W/O/W type daily serum that penetrates into skin rapidly, tightens skin and smoothes wrinkles or lines. Thanks to Dr.Sha's own bilayer delivery system INT PRECURSOR®, together with Cerelines ll and Pro-integrine reinforces the skin's restructuring power, 'plump up' visible signs from within. Other ingredients; marine ADN (cellular repairing), Beech(tonifying), Silanol Lactate(hydraring), Coenzyme Q10 (wrinkle delaying) and Soybean Protein to keep skin elastic, soft and smooth. The results are evident; wrinkle and fine lines are visibly diminished, skin is firmer, glowing and younger-looking. Spread 1-3 drops over eye, lips, neck or entire face. Frgrance-free. Colorant-free. Non-comedogenic.
eye essence
eye cream
Unbelievable new botanical eye brightener
M36S Whitening Eye Perfector
A high-tech approach to perfect eye care, effective actions to combat: PUFFINESS, DARK CIRCLES, FINE LINES. This unique, skilly and fast - penetrate cream-gel tightens and hydrates eye areas in just a flash - eye contour area appears purified, visibly decongested. Fine dehydration lines are smoothed. The appearance of puffiness and dark circles is diminished. Thanks to NIOSOME® delivery system, drives precious ingredients such as; Sericoside (a powerful detoxifying and draining complex), Caffeine, Pre-retinol, Placental extract, Apple Seed Extract and V-C derivative; penetrate into the true skin levels to encourage surface micro-circulation and clearing functions. Apply twice daily.
Fragrance-free. Colorant-free. Non-comdogenic. (SPF8,PA++)
Looks 5 years younger !
P65S Amazing Mask (new)
300g / 100g / 50g
This amazing mask nourishes and firms fragile skin instantly, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, invokes a soft velvety skin with glow! Using specific bioinformation technologies, these patterns are permanently imprinted onto natural ingredients. The skin is ideally suited to enable such revitalizing impulses to unfold their far-reaching restorative power. Formulated with rare ores from Japan, precious herbs, marine enzymes, astaxanthin, black sugar, PGA and deconstructed deep sea water. Apply on skin for 7-15 mins, rinse off / tissue off / keep overnight.
eye mask
lip mask
Instantly beautify your lips
P66A Lip Mask Concentrate
A remarkable moisture treatment for lips - remove dead cells and give moisture instantly. Helps to maintain its shape and colors. Thanks to Dr.Sha's own Mucopoly Saccharides Agent, Grape Seed Extracts, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Collagen. Fruit Oil, Vitamins. Use 1-3 times per week. Apply on throughly cleansed lips. Leave for 10 mins, rinse off with water. External use.
A gentle clarifier that eliminates undersys bumps
C04A Pure Off Water
This declicate, oil free cleanser was designed for eye and lip areas; even water-resistant makeup. It leaves the skin perfectly clean, soft and ph-balanced. Contains special ingrents to leaves lashes more lustrous. Apply with cotton to wipe away make-up or greasy. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy. High-rinsibility. Fragrance-free. External use only.